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14,000 BTU Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier / Cooling Function LED Panel Control



    • Eco-Friendly – Designed to be environmentally friendly, this portable air conditioner uses no ozone-damaging R410A refrigerant and is made with all RoHS compliant components that are free of harmful chemicals
    • Compact-Yet-Robust – Unit is able to cools spaces up to 400 square feet with average ambient room conditions
    • Dehumidification Function – Easy to use reversible rotary pump fills and siphons by simply reversing the cranking action
    • 2 Way Rotary Pump – Control your indoor humidity level with our innovative dehumidification function. It mixes cool dry air, with the warm air to keep you comfortable and prevent overcooling. It can even save you money
    • Self-Evaporative System – The portable ac is built with self-evaporative cooling technology that cools the condenser coils with water from the air. This not only increases cooling efficiency, it also reduces the water that collects in the tank, so you won’t have to empty it as often
    • Motorized Air Discharge – The adjustable louvered air discharge opens automatically when the unit is turned on and closes when it is turned off. It can also be set to oscillate to distribute air more evenly through the room
    • Easy-to-Use Window Kit – Venting your portable air conditioner is a simple three step process, and your purchase includes all the necessary materials- Simply connect the vent hose to the back of the unit, remove the cap from the window vent kit and connect it to the exhaust hose
    • Multi-Speed Fans – Feature multi-speed fans; a circulation fan for moving air inside the room, and an exhaust fan to vent hot air outdoors through the hose and diffuser
    • Seasonal Versatility – Capable of supplying both hot and cold air, this combo unit is built for year-round use
    • Perfect Space – Use it in smaller indoor spaces, such as bedrooms, classrooms, and garages or workshops
    • Portable – Easy roll caster wheels allows for easy movement of the Air Conditioner/Heater across most floor surfaces
    • Timer 1-24 Hours – Allows you to set a delay from 1 – 24 hours that will turn the air conditioner on or off automatically
    • Energy Saving Programmable – Cut costs by setting the unit to run only when you need it, and have it efficiently cool your space before you even get there using the 24 hour programmable timer– The timer allows you to set the unit to cycle on automatically, or once it is on, you can set it to automatically turn off
    • Full-Function Panel Control – LED display and simple selections control panel, including a mode selection button, up/down temperature adjustments, and fan speed selection
    • Auto Restart – The AUTO CLEAN function is used to remove moisture from the heat exchangers and helps prevent odor from forming
    • Auto Clean Function – Easy to use reversible rotary pump fills and siphons by simply reversing the cranking action
  • Remote Control – Remote control allow user to adjust the temperature and operate the unit from acoss the room. Built-in side storage when unit is not in use
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Della warrants that the hardware products it manufactures will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The limited warranty term is 12 months beginning on the date of invoice, as further described in the following text. Damage due to shipping the products to you is covered under this limited warranty



Portable Air Conditioner/Heater is the ideal climate control solution for when you’re on the go, room to room, house to house or home to work. In addition to cooling, this versatile unit also offers Heater technology that creates energy from the air, so you can cut carbon emissions from your home up to 90 percent. Plus, the oscillating air vent technology circulates the dispersed air more efficiently, so no spot will be left untouched.

  • Type: Air Conditioner /Heater
  • Cooling Capacity: 14,000 BTU
  • Color: White
  • Fan Speeds: 3
  • Power: 120VAC 60Hz
  • Rated Input: 8.1A
  • Timer Setting: Up to 24 hours
  • Dehumidify: Yes
  • Water-Full Indicator: Yes
  • Adjustable Temperature: 62F - 82F
  • Cooling Capacity: 2.50kW
  • Refrigerant/Charge: R410A/20.45oz
  • Max Noise Level: 56dB(A)
  • Air Flow: 430m3/h 253 cfm
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Certification: ETL and UL Listed
  • Overall Dimension: 14"(L) x 18-1/2"(W) x 33-1/2"(H)
  • *Unit must stay upright for 24 hours before use*
  • *Unit must be vented to the outside (window installation kit included with instructions)*